DC Tax Day Tea Party! US Treasury and Lafayette Plaza!

07 11 2014

DC Tax Day Tea Party – The National Stage

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We will be beginning at Lafayette Plaza at 11am with the “Grassroots” stage and 12pm at the US Treasury Department for the National Stage

Lafayette Plaza– Grassroots Stage – 11am – 3pm
Speakers, music, open microphone for public to voice their concerns

US Treasury – Tax Day Tea Party National Stage – 12pm – 2pm
National Stage on Fiscal Irresponsibility

Closest Metro Stops:
Federal Triangle (blue and orange lines), Metro Center (blue, orange, and red lines) and McPherson Square (blue and orange lines).

Let us know you’re coming! RSVP Here!

For information on a Tax Day Tea Party near you… Click here

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Confirmed: Tea Party in Washington, DC, in front of Treasury on April 15th: Tax Day.

07 11 2014

Hi All,

Eric’s been doing a massive job coordinating national efforts, so be sure to check out his site: http://taxdayteaparty.com. But since this site is dedicated to the DC effort (and helping out however we can with other efforts as well), we’re pleased to tell you we just got the permit to hold our tea party in front of the Treasury, on April 15th, from noon to 2. We’ll even have a stage and a sound system — weather pending. Stay tuned.

Well, if you’re going to send *something*

07 11 2014

One commenter suggested sending the label. Y’know what? That’s not a bad idea. I wonder if we can FOIA the incoming mail at the White House.

Save Your Postage and Tea and Stay Tuned

07 11 2014

We have received hundreds of questions about an email circulating that urges folks to send tea to Washington on April 1st or April 15th.  This effort is not endorsed by the New American Tea Party, so we can’t answer any questions about it. It is a neat idea, but things like that will likely either be held up getting scanned or end up getting thrown away due to security precautions.

Keep an eye on the April 15th tea party resurgence and stay tuned for details for a tea party coming to a city near you.  In the mean time, sign up if you haven’t already via the “Keep Me Informed” link (above) and our Facebook group and pass it on to friends, relatives, and colleagues!

Moment for Satire: An Open Letter to Charles G. Koch

07 11 2014

UPDATE: A number of intelligent readers thought that a satirical post undermined the momentum behind the nationwide tea party movement. I disagree — I think keeping a light-hearted tone in our communications (Google does this) helps set a better mood. But frankly, I have never presumed to be THE leader of anything — I only helped organize a single tea party in Washington. As such, what I’ll do, if you find it acceptable, preface the subject line of anything humorous with a clear indication that this is humorous. And then I’ll follow up, immediately, with a serious post.

Dear Charles G. Koch Foundation,

We wanted to let you know how excited we were to hear of your willingness to fund our tea parties Because we are avid readers, we read Playboy magazine (large print edition, of course) so that we can have the latest news updates, be it aspiring actresses and their hobbies, or a few good jokes to quicken happy hour conversation.

Imagine our surprise that you decided to let Playboy know of your decision to pay us before you ever let US know! I mean, there we were, sitting in our respective cardboard box homes, thinking up protest ideas, and wondering if anyone would ever pay us for it! I turned to a friend and said, “I could really use a home. Or a Lexus.” And then my friend said, “We should both get Lexuses.” We then debated the plural form of Lexus. It’s Lexii, by the way. But you knew that, because you probably know Latin. Most foundations know Latin. It’s science.

Anyway, we made a list of stuff we want, and we’ve put it all under the header of “How to move the conservative movement forward.” Turns out, all you have to do is heap cash on activists who will invariably misuse that money. You know, like ACORN. And that is the reason for this letter. We want to make sure your money goes to the right people and is used correctly. That is, to us and for whatever we want. You know how we’re going to limit government? A 60 inch plasma. It’s called getting the message out, and I don’t see how you can do that with just a 13 inch broken television I found in the dumpster next to my box.

Anyway, I just wanted to give you my social security number and account information so we could make the transfer as quickly as possible. There are all kinds of other transfers about to happen too — I keep getting contacted by relatives of these Nigerian princes and English financiers all of whom want a piece of this Tea Party action. As for your metrics, which are clearly stated and make certain that donor intent is actually observed, we’re totally cool with that. Nudge, wink. Your money is safe with us. Make it out to my name, tho. Just to be safe.


The New American Tea Party

P.S. We’re probably getting a grant for National Service or whatever from the Obama Administration. I hope this doesn’t conflict with your goals of limiting the size and scope of government so things like mandatory national service never become a reality. If so, please feel free to discard this letter.

UPDATE: Make that several Lexii. This movement isn’t going to grow itself.

Welcome to the New American Tea Party

07 11 2014

Welcome to the official Washington, D.C. Tea Party blog — an event happening on February 27, at 12 pm, permits pending. This blog doesn’t presume to subsume all of the other Tea Party activity occurring around the country. However, it’s an easy-to-use interface that will provide an opportunity to coordinate all of the activities. If you’re running your own Tea Party in a particular locale, you’re welcome to blog here. Just email me at jp@newamericanteaparty.com, and I’ll add you to the bloglist, as well as include a link in the sidebar to your event.

Washington Tea Party Facebook Group nearing 1,000!!!

07 11 2014

This is great — in the past three days, our group has neared 1,000 members from across the country. But it’s important for me to point out that ours isn’t the only group, and I see a lot of the comments are asking about what’s happening in their area. For that, look to the right.

There’s definitely one happening in Chicago. There’s also one that seems to have just started in Kansas City— and it looks like it could use more attendees. I’ve heard murmurs about ones in New York and Boston, but I haven’t been able to find anything. Leave info in comments if so!

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Have a Tea Party but need a platform to use?

07 11 2014

Email me or leave a comment and I’ll add you to our blogger list. Or, if you do have a site, we can link your site to the right! Lots of the groups in PajamaTV’s listing don’t seem to have websites. Just pick up a login from us and you can have them link here!

UPDATE: This email address is better: jpfreire25@yahoo.com

Need Revolutionary War Re-enactors!

07 11 2014

We’re looking for Revolutionary War Re-enactors to join us on the Mall for the Washington Tea Party. If you’re aware of any organizations, please leave something in the comments.

FreedomWorks on How to Hold Your Own Tea Party Protest

07 11 2014

From one of our sponsors, FreedomWorks:

The internet is abuzz with chatter about organizing protests around the country to put an end to this madness on Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. But I’ve talked to many people out there who have never organized a protest, and so they don’t have a clue where to begin. Here are 10 simple steps that you can follow to organize a protest in your own community. If you want more help, just send me an email at bsteinhauser @freedomworks.org and I’ll work with you one on one to help make your protest a success.

1. Pick a location, date and time in your town. I’d suggest main street at an intersection with lots of traffic.

2. Tell your friends, family, co-workers and everyone else you know about the protest. Build an rsvp email list so that you can provide quick updates if something changes. You should also create a facebook group so that the group can communicate with one another.

3. Make 5-10 signs with legible slogans that send a clear message to the public and the media. Write in BIG LETTERS.

4. Call your local talk radio hosts and ask them to announce the location, date and time on the air for a few days leading up to the protest. Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper announcing the protest. Email the bloggers in your area and ask them to post a notice about the protest.

5. Write a press release and email, mail and fax copies to the local tv stations, radio stations and newspapers. Call the reporters that cover local events or politics and leave messages on their voice mail.

6. On the day of your protest, show up with your group, be loud, visible, happy and engage the public. Wave your signs, make lots of noise and move around to get attention. If reporters interview you, give them some good sound bytes for their stories. Stay on message and keep your answers short and coherent.

7. Bring sign-in sheets to capture the names, emails and phone numbers of everyone who attends the protest and/or says that they support what you are doing. You will then have a big list of people that can plan the next, much bigger and louder, event. Also bring handouts with one page of quick facts about why you are protesting in the first place.

8. Add your pictures, video and an after-action report to your facebook group, and send this stuff to the bloggers and reporters that you originally contacted. Ask them to post the photos, story and video.

9. Thank everyone who attended via email and phone, and set up a meeting to plan your next event. Now you have a list of people in your community that can help make the next protest huge. Encourage everyone to commit to bring at least one friend to the next protest.

10. Organize a carpool and go find a friend in your neighboring town or county and help them organize a protest there. You and your people are now veterans and should be able to keep the momentum going around your area.

Email me if you have any questions or want some ideas for signs. bsteinhauser @freedomworks.org

Good luck!

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds. — Samuel Adams

Some more great tips from Glenn Reynolds

07 11 2014

Here are some highlights:

4. Pass out talking points, just in case Joe or Jane Protestor gets buttonholed by a reporter.

5. This is all about image. If we don’t present the media with a professional, organized and, unfortunately, scripted image, they are going to make their own, and it won’t be favorable.

6. Recruit some help to pack the area around people being interviewed for background. God love the guy in the crazy Uncle Sam suit, and we certainly need the Minute Men, but these folks will quickly become THE story because they are colorful or controversial i.e., Good TV. Welcome their support. Maybe give them a minute on the mic. But I recommend trying to pack in mainstream, boring looking, and diverse Americans around the camera. No offense to anyone. Anytime a TV camera comes out, a certain number and type of attention seeker will flock to it. Now is the time for Grandma and Grandpa, the Plumber, the Young Executive, and the Homeschooling Mom to flock to the camera as background. Don’t be shy. Remember, how do you want your cause to be presented by the media? As crazies? Or as Concerned Neighbors?

Click for here more.

Working together

07 11 2014

Thanks to JP for putting this together. It’s really exciting to see how much energy and momentum there is for the Tea Party idea. Lots of web sites popped up and lots of Facebook groups. I started one of each myself (sign our letter to Obama at www.taxpayerteaparty.com).

I think it’s important that we collaborate on all of this and not be competitive. That’s why I made members of all our allied groups admins of the Facebook group.

There’s no telling how long this will last, but we need to maximize the impact of this wave of outrage stoked by the stimulus bill and then set ablaze by the new housing bailout and Rick Santelli’s rant. I’m holding off on planning anything big from the AFP side until we have some more time to plan and, I hope, talk to Rick. Mean time we are eager to support all of the spontaneous activity going on all over the country, including JP’s event here in DC.

Nobody owns this. Let’s not worry about credit and let’s all work together.

Better address to reach me.

07 11 2014

As it happens, the email address I had offered originally wasn’t a very good one, and so now if you wanted to contact me, you might have been lost in the shuffle. While I work out with ThinkHost how to get my hands on these lost emails, it’s best to email me at to use the contact page. I’ll check this throughout the day and try to answer any questions you might have.

Note that I’ve updated the list to the right of Tea Parties happening across the nation. If you are organizing a tea party please contact me so I can give you a login to the site.

Media Appearances

07 11 2014

I’ll be going on Fox News this morning at 9:15 to discuss the Washington Tea Party effort. If you’re watching the segment, you should take the time to click here and make sure to get on our list. If you’re looking for an updated list of Tea Party activity around the country, just look at the right side of this page — with the exception of Fayetteville, these should all take you to Facebook event pages dedicated to a particular city. My favorite part? These are being run by people who have never done a protest before.

That my friends, is Change we can believe in.

Listing added

07 11 2014

I’ve created a submission page, and I’ve also included a list of contacts for events happening around the country. If you know of one that I missed, please submit it here.

Announcement: Press Relations

07 11 2014

Eric Snyder has come on board as the press contact for the New American Tea Party coalition’s Washington Tea Party.

All credentialed media representatives are invited to cover the D.C. event slated for Friday, February 27th at 12pmEST in front of The White House.

To register for the event or to schedule an interview, please contact Eric at NewAmericanTeaParty@gmail.com

New American Tea Party On Fox

07 11 2014

Check out JP Freire’s appearance on Fox News earlier this week.

For all press inquiries, email us at newamericanteaparty@gmail.com

A few updates.

07 11 2014

First, I’ll be going on Laura Ingraham’s show today at 9:30 a.m. EST — be sure to catch it. It’ll be a lot of fun.

Secondly, we’ve nailed down our location. We are meeting at Lafayette Square Park at noon on Friday. This is just north of the White house, and two blocks south of the Farragut North Metro station (very easy to get to from CPAC). If you’re on the orange/blue lines, take the McPherson Square metro stop. I’ll post a map in a moment.

Please bring cameras, especially ones with video, American flags, and tea bags if you can find any to swing around the air. We’ll also have a very special surprise for the event.

We’re expecting a little rain. We’re going to go ahead and do this though, rain or shine. Liberty-minded people need to show that when the cause is worthy, they *will* rally. Let’s overturn the current wisdom that only activists can organize.

If you haven’t already, sign up with our email list.

Also, be sure to submit your video to us at newamericanteaparty+video@gmail.com. In 30 seconds, tell us who you are, where you’re from, and why you’re participating in our event, even if you can’t make it to Washington. Pass around the video below and spread the word! We’ll take some of the best, put them together in a single clip, and then post it back here on the blog.

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