Working together

07 11 2014

Thanks to JP for putting this together. It’s really exciting to see how much energy and momentum there is for the Tea Party idea. Lots of web sites popped up and lots of Facebook groups. I started one of each myself (sign our letter to Obama at

I think it’s important that we collaborate on all of this and not be competitive. That’s why I made members of all our allied groups admins of the Facebook group.

There’s no telling how long this will last, but we need to maximize the impact of this wave of outrage stoked by the stimulus bill and then set ablaze by the new housing bailout and Rick Santelli’s rant. I’m holding off on planning anything big from the AFP side until we have some more time to plan and, I hope, talk to Rick. Mean time we are eager to support all of the spontaneous activity going on all over the country, including JP’s event here in DC.

Nobody owns this. Let’s not worry about credit and let’s all work together.

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